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No matter what kind of plumbing issue you face, all of your needs are under control with Drain Doctors Plumbing & Rooter. We have provided quality plumbing repairs, modifications, and installations to the Los Angeles area since 2010. From cleaning and de-clogging pipes to repairing broken fixtures, We are trained and licensed to handle any plumbing job, big or small.



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Drain Doctors Plumbing & Rooter was founded on the principals of honesty, integrity and expertise. Our team of professionals are upheld to providing exceptional customer service to our clients in every step of the way, we stand by our high quality work and believe that the job isn’t complete until you are fully satisfied.
The highest compliment we have received is the trust our clients have placed in recommending our services to their family, friends and neighbors.



Drain Doctors Plumbing & Rooter is licensed, bonded and an insured plumbing contractor. We are experts in the following services.



WHY REPIPE? The short answer is: a home repipe is a permanent fix that saves you money in the long run.
We use only the highest quality PEX & Copper.
PEX is a durable, versatile, high-density tubing which is quickly becoming America’s favorite repipe material.
Quality varies a lot with PEX pipes. We only use the Uponor PEX system which easily outshines any other PEX product on the market in terms of quality, safety and reliability.
This means you get a high-quality, affordable PEX repipe and cleaner water in your faucets and shower heads.
Signs that you may need to repipe
Yellow or rust colored water
Low water pressure
Leaky pipes
Slab leak
Galvanized piping
Problems running more than 1 fixture at a time



Trenchless sewer replacement saves your money, your lawn, & your time.
Blockages in your home’s sewer lines can lead to expensive and destructive excavation of pipes that can end up costing you thousands of dollars. We offer trenchless pipe replacement that can repair your collapsed, broken, or punctured sewer lines without having to dig up your entire property.
There are two methods of trenchless pipe replacement: PIPE BURSTING and PIPE LINING.
Pipe bursting allows our plumbing professionals to dig two small points of access at the beginning and end of your piping system instead of digging up your entire yard. The old line is blown apart as a new pipe is pulled through it, effectively destroying the damaged line and replacing it with a high density polyethylene pipe.
With pipe lining, a felt impregnated fiberglass sleeve is placed inside the faulty pipe to seal off any damaged areas, creating a structural repair. Access is usually made through one entry point and the new lining can be installed all the way to the city connection, even under a street or driveway.
Our trenchless sewer replacement technology has saved our customers thousands of dollars and valuable time by avoiding a massive excavation of their property.



What causes a clogged drain or sewer to back up.
The most common cause of sewer and drain blockages is simple buildup, typically from dirt, hair, grease, debris, and mineral deposits. Older pipes over time can corrode, crack, and misalign, allowing access for tree roots and other objects to enter into the lines also.
We use professional drain cleaning cable machines for all soft stoppages. We also have hydro-jetters for those instances when a cable just won’t do. A hydro-jetter uses high-pressured water to remove tree roots, rust, debris and calcified build-up along sewer and drainpipe walls and can drastically improve the condition of your drainage system.
You may need professional drain cleaning if:
Water is draining slowly
Bad smell is coming from drains
Water is backing up
Multiple and persistent clogs occur
Toilets often need plunging

I usually do not write reviews, but this plumber was so good, and we were so pleased with the service.
Let me start by saying that I am an experienced person, I correct most of the problems myself, so when the sewer pipe became clogged and all the water started to leave the bath in the basement on Sunday evening, I tried to fix the question for 2 hours, but without much success. It was already late, after 10 pm, but we called the company, and the polite secretary told us that the plumber would arrive as soon as possible.
He came in forty minutes and surprisingly quickly coped with the problem. In addition, he gave me some tips on what to look for in the next 6 months, as well as a detailed location of the problem, so if I want to fix it forever, I can easily do this, some suggestions for other potential problems and quote.
In general, I felt that he was very professional, the price and price can be negotiated. He was honest and polite with me. I felt happy when I gave away the money. Thank you for the excellent work and the opportunity to feel comfortable at home.

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