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Steve S.

We have a 1922 house, some old pipes and a single bathroom with a completely stopped tub – on a Sunday no less. We called up Drain Doctors and Arnold was over within the hour to snake that baby. Boom.

Definitely recommend these guys.

Will S.

Arnold saved the day and snaked a big drain right before the rain.

At first he didn’t want to– wasn’t sure he was up to the job, that his snake was good enough for the depth of the problem. But he was to be negotiated with. And even when it looked like he was right, when the snake was stuck– he didn’t give up. He persevered. We worked together and collaboration drain problems– expert advice, novice insistence turned out to be a success. Thanks for taking the chance on us, Arnold. And winning.

Mark G.

We recently used our home warranty company who arranged for this company to come out. The technician was very thorough and pointed out a leaking gas line at the time of service. His knowledge directed is exactly where to get the parts and saved us not only a safety issue but also followed up with us to make sure everything worked out.
I rated them a 5 star due to the service, quality and knowledge. Thank you!

Curtis R.

My three-year-old son flushed a toothbrush and clogged up the only toilet in the house a couple days before Easter. We were having a huge group of parents and kids over after church for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. We called Arnold on Saturday night and he came out at 9 AM Easter morning. He totally saved the day. Not only did he fix the clog, but his price on Sunday was less than many contractors charge on a weekday. These guys are real professionals who do great work at a great price.

Jason A.

Drain Doctors are top notch! Arnold showed up on time, was very professional and informative. He installed our new water heater, explained how to properly maintain it, then and hauled off our old one. I definitely would recommend.

Lady O.

Arnold is excellent!!! He is always respectful,knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He has worked on the plumbing at our salon over the last year, and comes out in a timely fashion, and works really quickly without disruption in the flow of our business., He offers advice on maintenance and parts which have helped us tremendously. We have a lot of plumbing needs from our commercial water heater, to our pump system, and never ending clogged sinks due to the nature of our business. I’m so grateful for their services in 2015 and look forward to continued service in the years to come.

shannon g.

There was never a drain problem my engineer husband couldn’t fix, until this week when our kitchen drain clogged severely. I called on a Wed morning. Arnold couldn’t make it out that day, but for the amazing $45 drain clearing special (other local plumbers quoted $110-$150 for a simple job), it was worth the wait until the next morning.

Arnold arrived on time, super friendly, professional and helpful. Unfortunately, try as he might, it was a bigger issue than his equipment could handle. So he let me know what to do next, and he didn’t charge me. I really appreciated that since I was worried about how much the next steps would be.

I’d call in again for future drain issues!

Dave H.

I’d like to thank you for your time and patience. It took me 3 failed plumbers to finally reach a successful and honest plumber. Arnold came examined the problem and in no time came up with a solution. Right after that he quickly started working and in no time a 3 day project was done in 1 and half days . We all hope that problems in household don’t occur but when they do be prepared to have a person like Arnold in your contacts. Thanks for all your help.

Cher L.

Great service! A++

Showed up within an hour and unclogged the shower drain. I’d had two other people out here trying to get this fixed over the last two months with no avail. He came here, unclogged the hairballs and left my shower good to go! I can actually start using this shower again! Yay!

Thanks for the great service, quick response and very reasonable pricing. I would definitely recommend this company and will be calling them again in the future I’m sure. I have two girls with very long hair and a young son who likes to shove all kinds of toys down the drain.

Lily G.

A few nights ago our plumbing pipes exploded and we needed to get experts to search for the problem along with an estimation that will cover the damages. After having a few plumbing companies give us three different solutions we were not as satisfied with the recommendations until we came across Drain Doctors. Arnold is very honest and friendly who gave us an intelligent idea that saved us a lot of money and time. He went above and beyond to give us excellent and professional services. I highly recommend any prospective clients to give him a call and make an appointment, trust me you won’t regret it. Thank you!
-Arthur & Maria

Ricky G.

I am completely happy with the work and service Drain Doctors did in my home. They were very professional and explained everything to me. I will definitely be call them back for any future work I will need. Thanks again Arnold.

Michelle A.

Amazing professional service and most importantly, on time! I needed a plumber due to a clogged pipe and they were there to save the day. Ill definitely be calling again if I ever have an issue in future.

Romina G.

OMG! Arnold and the guys at Drain Doctors saved my lifeeee!!! I woke up to a strange sound coming from the bathroom. As I walked in I felt the floor was wet and knew it was trouble! 🙁 My toilet had overflowed and there was water everywhere. I quickly got on Craigslist and looked for a local plumber.

I called Drain Doctors and Arnold was here in under 30 minutes. He fixed my toilet. After he was done he checked my tub and noticed the water was draining slowly (because I get all my hair stuck in the drain!!) and he unclogged that too.

Charged me a very reasonable price and gave me his business card for future problems I encounter. I felt comfortable letting Arnold into my home to do the repairs. He was very presentable and friendly.

You can count on him Yelpers!!

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